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Hanging Baskets Just For You

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Your Choice, Our Passion

Choose from hanging baskets available for all seasons in wire, wicker or plastic.

With our huge selection to choose from, we are sure to have something you will love. 

Orders are welcome in any quantity, combination or colour and we can also offer a delivery service for large orders.

If you are looking for hanging baskets but aren’t sure what colours or styles you want, why not pop in and we can put one together for you ready to take home or if you already have a basket that needs refilling, bring it along with you.

View our selection of plants and flowers.
Call us today to discuss the colour, size or style of your hanging basket
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Hanging Basket Options

  • Baskets for all seasons
  • Baskets available in wire, wicker and plastic
  • A huge selection to choose from

Take a look at the flowers and plants grown at Mill Lane Nurseries
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